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Monday, July 27, 2009

This is a big deal !!!!!

so i thought that i was being a good pa by taking aaden while mom went to run around for a bit. it had been a long day for us both i had worked all the night before and during the day aaden went to the DR.s to get some shots :( ... so i decited that we would jump in a hot tub and get him and me washed up. so we jumped in and he started to relax and so did i. after a min. or to i started feeling this object bump into me i thought that it was the soap or one of his toys. nope his first poop that looked like a normal pooh instead of the mustard and i was the lucky one to be apart of that....thanks aaden

Saturday, July 25, 2009

ok - here are some new pics for all yall out there houndin for more! These are a few marni has taken lately and one of her and aaden after a 10K. He is doing a lot of smiling lately and is so fun to be with! He rolls over like a little bulldoser now and pees like a fire-hose