Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jones family christmas

Hey everyone (in marnis family), I tried to publish this on Facebook but due to copyright laws they said i couldn't but i wanted all of you to see it. Its fun. Merry Christmas!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

dirty daaaaaaaaash

I finally got the pics from the dirty dash and i wanted to share them with all!! even though im really dirty! Kris and i had a ton of fun. we want to make it a family tradition and involve the kids in a few years. We loved it!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Great Summer

Well its been a fun summer. Despite kris's crazy schedule, im grateful we have done lots of fun things. Im mainly grateful to have had a fun, pregnant free summer! Even though i still would have loved to do more, we got in a lot and i dont want to forget that. So here's to the museums, zoos, snowbird, vegas. . .

Bird watching (or tiger watching)
Snuggling time

Horse back riding

Brad Paisley back stage passes!
Fresh kleinman corn on the cob
Falling asleep with a handful of licorice
best lawn mower helper EVER!
AERIAL fireworks!!!! YA!!!!
Lots and Lots of outside time
Chillin on the cool lawn
Time with mom
Summer evenings .. awh, shade finally
Hogging all the easter candy
LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of sprinklers (R.I.P good old slip n slide, you served us well)
And finally, totally awesome little boys that are SO much fun and make mom do lots of crazy summer fun things :)

Friday, June 24, 2011


So I have recently taken all the VHS tapes from our family video recordings in our lovely youth and transfered them to DVD, which has been awesome! Its been a lot of fun and now we will be having a family videos party on sunday - But for my family, as a little sneak preview, i would like to post this exclusive peak into what you all have to look forward to on sunday. Its going tobe beautiful!!! PS- not the extra hipl thrust at the end . . .just for extra practice :) LOVE YOU AIMEE!!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

short but SWEET!

Ok- We seriously have to say this a lot on our blog, BUT viewer is advised!!! There is a few little guy parts to watch out for, but way funny!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Best 6 Years

So Kris and i just had our 6 year anniversary and he is AMAZING! He is the best husband and father any crazy and unworthy gal could ask for. Here is a reminder to him of how awesome it is to be a part of the KKave due to all his efforts to make it, what it is. . . perfect.
PS - viewer discression is advised - however if your in Kris's family or went to high school with kris or have ever even met kris on the street, chances are you have seen all of the following material.

Just us . . and the grand slam breakfast replay

A little peak and pre-aaden that has been kept secret to hide its provacative nature, but a reminder kristopher of how fat i once was and how beautiful i am now, right? RIGHT?!

He still loves holding your hand -more than any other hand and snuggling right into dad.
The day aaden was born. Perfect and surreal. The first flood of emotion that you knew was possible, but just had to experience.

CRAZy EyES!!! My fav pic of aaden ever! and of course fuzzy, but it still makes me smile :)

Does this hat bring out my natural glow?

OMGosh!? Really? you want me to hug that thing?

YES!!!!! 4Wheeling with no pants on and a helmet that could paralyse my child forever and yet, there is NOTHING that comes close to better for a saturday morning.


I guess its as close to a motorcycle as we ever came. But close enough.
Nothing to say here - just awesome, dad and very fun day for aaden.

Offroading! Im not too big! Really, we both fit . . .with a little effort. MAybe thats why reverse doesnt work anymore. . . oops

How is it possible to have two perfect days, two perfect boys and too perfect . . .everything

The Beanster, Beantown, Boston Bean, Beans

Thanks for SOOOOO much dad . . You are - AWESOME!!!!!


Ok, so I suck - for real. I have taken and edited over 200 weddings since i started my company, but i have never even touched my own wedding pics. I got a lot of pictures for my wedding, but none of which were edited and i never really thought it made too big of a difference, but i finally decided i wanted to play around with them - and it was so much fun! So here are a few! I also included the before shots, just so you could see how many freckles i have i real life :) It was definatly fun to play with these though. Maybe one day i can do all 900 pics - but i doubt it.
I cant afford to pay myself for it!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

the apprentice

Due to years of training and hard work- countless hours of stalking, waiting and watching - The Hunter Apprentice has finally blossomed into . . . The Hunter!!!
Thanks to hours of tutelage for the Hunter Master himself, Kris the Killer Kleinman, young Aaden the Angry has finally become a man and brought home meat for the family. We want to share this rare hunt with you today via photography. Enjoy every blossoming moment -thank you!

The Hunt . . .

The Attack . . . .
The Kill . . . (hung on the fridge of course)
The moment of victory!!! . . . .

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

He's the big #2!!!

Aadens TONKA birthday was this week and i dont know what he thought, but i had fun!!! Plus i got plenty of pictures to prove that one time i did give him a fun birthday even if he does not remember!
Here is the cake that i made - by the way those orange things are not "little orange poops (kris) they are cones! come on!
I think i forgot to tell him to make a wish! OMGosh thats a bad omen!
He was in a really snuggly mood that day and didnt do a lot of playing, but he LOVED grandpas rocking horse!
And yet after all saturdays festivities were over, he was still enjoying the rocking horse from grandpa and his new jammies
apparently so was dad!
And at the very end of night, a fun day could not have ended better than snuggling with dad and baby bro to read his all time fav book!
BUT THE FUN IS NOT OVER!! Aaden had another party with some friends at monkey island and it was AWESOME!!!
THE MOST AWESOMNESS!!! Check - one for mom, zero for un-fun birthdays!