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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Mini Offroader Trailer

- - - COMING SOON-----

Kleinman Christmas on Video and Still Photography

As well as other FABULOUS movies created by kleinman films!!! But until then, please enjoy a sneak peak at the trailer of our upcoming film, The Mini Offroader.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Announcing . .Boston

for those of you who's email addresses i dont have, or in other words, for most of you - here is Boston's baby announcement since im way to cheap to mail it!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Boston is here !!!!

SO- i guess he came a bit earlier than we planned. Im not sure why i try planning, cause i had it all set and ready to go, but Boston apparently had a different plan. I started having contractions monday morning and went to the hospital around 3, but they sent me home. I guess i was not ready yet, even though i felt pretty ready. at about 6, i was really really ready so we tried the hospital again and this time they kept me. I was dilated to a 6 and going fast they said. Boston was born at 1am on tuesday the 9th and weighted 8.2 lbs and 20.5 inches. Here are some hospital shots. He reminds me so much of aaden. I think they look very similar. He is so fun so far!! he sleeps great and eats a ton! he is also very calm.

Aaden is such a great big brother so far! He loves Boston and is so excited every morning to see him. When he cries, he will give him his blankie or try and put in his pacifier and he likes to kiss him too. The only thing he does not like is when daddy holds boston. Then he gets jeleous and tries to steal dad back, but he doesn't care if im will boston all day! ha ha.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

By way of public announcement . . .

FYI for all those interested -
Mini kleinman #2 is coming this wed by way of induction (because my doc is going to hawaii for a week!). But im not too sad to get him out a few days early. So, if anyone would like to come bearing large and expensive gifts or just to see me lookin ever so hot in a hospital gown, i will be checked into the hotel de orem community hospital wed, thur and frid. oh and you can see the little guy while your there too :)

HAllOwEen . . . scarrrrrrrry!!!!

Aaden was a swat commando for halloween and I must say, he pulled it off really well! He is the most stylin mini swat guy ever!!!

These next few pics were my awesome halloween party this year that was so much fun! we had a pumpkin carving contest, a doughnut eating contest and the scarry haunted honeymoon game. Everyone had GREAT costumes, but of course, mine was the best! I was the old lady who swallowed the fly. Thought that would be appropriate since my stomach was huge! kris was a hunter and my mom was a really good witch. It was super fun!!

This is my super awesome nephew heber, who made the best pumpkin of all for halloween!
OOh, and of course, i thought i would throw in some decorations and yummy food at the party. I made spiders and candy apples this year for the contest winners!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Summer of Awesomeness!!

So - its true that im a terrible blogger on a consistant basis, but at least i can get some posts in every few months. So, here is my tri monthly post of our awesome activities this summer and aaden adventures.

So these ones were aaden and his cousin jade. They play a lot really well together and always have tons o' fun! including. . . .
Milk and Sesame Street
Wrapped in towels after a warm bath
Baths are awesome!
Jade was forced to share space, but handled it well
looking for bugs in the garden is never a dull activity.
This is a family day at the pool. Unfortunately aaden didnt last long cause he was freeeeeezing even though the water was 82 degrees. He still had a lot of fun splashing around though. We had to make him leave once his lips turned blue :)

Aaden has had some new ideas this summer that he has been pretty fond of. Including
Helping mom with the dishes
Note his blankie in there too . . .ha ha
Aaden loves animals. I guess its just that age where he learning to say them all and point them out everywhere we go. Hes really good at moooing. I think i might record it and try and win something on KBULL. But we took him to the animal farm and he got to feed lots of animals and see alot, but by far his favorite part were the horses and riding them. We had to do it like three times.

Aaden also loves fish, so we got a pass to the aquarium this year and he loves going. This was in front of the shark tank, but i dont think you can tell. Also, please do not note my prego-ness in the picture, which is not nearly as cute and the little beast im holding.
Aaden has found a 5 gallon bucket to make his best friend this year. He sits in it, and falls out of it a lot! note the blankie again . . ha ha. He takes it everywhere and every single night its a fight when i dont let him take it in the bath tub.
Aaden enjoying some yummy summer watermellon grown right out of kleinman kave gardens.
i still cant believe kris produced anything this yummy looking. We also got corn, potatoes, carrots and pumpkins from the garden this year.
and these few are of kristopher's new caving hobby. He found out this summer that you can cave down dark, dangerous and really deep holes while being attacked by bats in the middle of the night and its really fun!

It was a fun summer and aaden is getting pretty funny with new things. the baby is completely taking over my body, but im still unsure if i really want it to come out. However in about 6 weeks i wont have a choice. Kris is doing good in school and lovin work! And thats about all, till 3 months from now!
Except for our awesome halloween pics, which will be posted asap cause its going to be awesome!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another picture of Willow . . but not a dot!

so, heres the ultrasound of the little . . .BOY!!! Its a boy! We are so excited!!!!! I think i was especially relieved! I had a few nightmares it was a girl. Im just so scared that i wont know how to handle "girl drama" that i was SO relieved to have another boy. Plus, i wanted a friend for aaden.
However, we are in SERIOUS need of some name suggestions. It took us 9 months and 3 days last time to pick one and they were kicking us out of the hospital while i was filling out the birth certificate. I kinda want it to be a little more chill this time. At least if we an pick a day before he is born that would be super. So, please, please, please drop your suggestions, and - no- its not going to be willow!

SuN fUn!!!

Kris made this sprinkler thing for the garden which is just PVC tubing with holes in it, but aaden has been Lovin it this year!! He plays in it everyday, although yesterday he added some dog poo to the mix of his playing instruments. It was a water, poo explosion! I didnt get any poo pics, although i should have, i was just more concerned with immediate action at the bath!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mini willow

This one is our new little buddle on the way. Its not really anything- but its our 6 week ultrasound showing a little peanut in there. This was about a month ago, but still fun to see. PS-Sorry that i just cram all my new posts from like the last three months into one big post day, but at least its an exciting day right?

The races are on . . .

So kris and i had a relay day, which by the way, i totally kicked butt on (not so much actually). But it was pretty fun. We had 5 contests including an egg drop from the roof, a water balloon target, a mini boat racing challenge, a paper airplane distance contest and a sidewalk chalk drawing competition. We both lost the egg drop although i will say that mine is the picture far less cracked, kris was the water balloon and the chalk (i think that was rigged though - the judges were biased) and i was the paper airplane (i just crumpled it and stuck it in water, but at least im the winner!)
Kris and his proud egg, pre crushing and defeat
Egg post crushing and defeat
My egg post crushing and not as bad defeat
Oh, this was funny. So i was throwing my balloons at that target in the background, but when kris wasn't looking i decided to throw one at him, which ended up just skimming past him and nailing aaden right in the head. He was pretty soaked, but good thing my throws don't really have any muscle to them and really only got him wet!
Kris's boat, which pretty much just turned into a wooden stick upon sail time .