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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

He's the big #2!!!

Aadens TONKA birthday was this week and i dont know what he thought, but i had fun!!! Plus i got plenty of pictures to prove that one time i did give him a fun birthday even if he does not remember!
Here is the cake that i made - by the way those orange things are not "little orange poops (kris) they are cones! come on!
I think i forgot to tell him to make a wish! OMGosh thats a bad omen!
He was in a really snuggly mood that day and didnt do a lot of playing, but he LOVED grandpas rocking horse!
And yet after all saturdays festivities were over, he was still enjoying the rocking horse from grandpa and his new jammies
apparently so was dad!
And at the very end of night, a fun day could not have ended better than snuggling with dad and baby bro to read his all time fav book!
BUT THE FUN IS NOT OVER!! Aaden had another party with some friends at monkey island and it was AWESOME!!!
THE MOST AWESOMNESS!!! Check - one for mom, zero for un-fun birthdays!