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Monday, April 26, 2010

Mini willow

This one is our new little buddle on the way. Its not really anything- but its our 6 week ultrasound showing a little peanut in there. This was about a month ago, but still fun to see. PS-Sorry that i just cram all my new posts from like the last three months into one big post day, but at least its an exciting day right?

The races are on . . .

So kris and i had a relay day, which by the way, i totally kicked butt on (not so much actually). But it was pretty fun. We had 5 contests including an egg drop from the roof, a water balloon target, a mini boat racing challenge, a paper airplane distance contest and a sidewalk chalk drawing competition. We both lost the egg drop although i will say that mine is the picture far less cracked, kris was the water balloon and the chalk (i think that was rigged though - the judges were biased) and i was the paper airplane (i just crumpled it and stuck it in water, but at least im the winner!)
Kris and his proud egg, pre crushing and defeat
Egg post crushing and defeat
My egg post crushing and not as bad defeat
Oh, this was funny. So i was throwing my balloons at that target in the background, but when kris wasn't looking i decided to throw one at him, which ended up just skimming past him and nailing aaden right in the head. He was pretty soaked, but good thing my throws don't really have any muscle to them and really only got him wet!
Kris's boat, which pretty much just turned into a wooden stick upon sail time .

His first hunt

We had a east hunt with aaden. He loved it. He loved finding the eggs and putting them in and out of his bag but he wasnt really interested in the candy inside. It was fun to watch him find them all though! Kris also hid an egg for one of the teenage boys and it took him like two days to find it! He was out there searching in the dark even because kris told him it had money in it. He finally found it hidden under the dirt and was a little disappointed that it was only 5 bucks.

SNoW DaY!!!!

I knew this would be the last big snow of the year so i dressed up aaden and took him out for some fun. I let him do whatever since i thought he was pretty warm. We were missing some good boots though, so i had to improvise that.