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Friday, February 26, 2010

Yes its true. Kris is amazing. I am so lucky, cause my honey-to-do list is always done! I guess i will just have to think of more things to come up with. I thought this item on the list would take him longer than it actually did, so now im out of ideas.
But anyway, we live in a little brick home, that i LOVE, but since we use the basement for our foster boys, our living space only has two small bedrooms. When aaden was born, he got a room and everything else we owned including my desk was jammed into my bedroom. So, one day kris suggested we build a room in the attic and I said ok, thinking i could add it to the list and it would never get done, but i guess i was wrong. Maybe he was sick of jumping over my office chair to get out of bed. But here it is!
When we started the attic was only accesable through a tiny trap door in the ceiling. It was barely big enough for me to fit through, so kris tore out the coat closet and built stairs into the attic. Then he cleared out 50 year old instillation and started framing. He did everything past drywall and we didnt have any money left so we left it like that for like 6 months. But my grandma was awesome enough to give us a little extra for christmas this year since Im her fav and we finished it! So now aaden has an great bedroom and playroom upstairs and i cant believe that kris was able to do that. I remember crawling into the attic when he first mentioned it and i was thinking there was no way that would every be a livable area. He did such a good job and proved me wrong! That doesn't happen very often though.
So the room has the bedroom area where his crib and things are and then a bunch of side areas as a crawl space for aaden and his toys. He loves crawling through all these and so do most other kids who come to visit, but i gotta say, it sucks for my back when he wants to play!
One more side note on kris's awesomeness . . this one is pretty funny, but last night was the ward ball tournament and thanks to kris MVP, our ward is now the stake champions! I could not make it since it went till midnight, but i hear it was man against man, the heat was on and the time was ticking. IT was head to head at half time and kris pulled out an amazing speech to motivate the brave warriors to victory. His speech included moroni and the cause of liberty and truth. He reminded the men to fight (i mean play) for their wives, their children and their religious freedoms. He gave them courage and sent them out to the field and followed it all up with some amazing three point shots and jumping skills.
Now on to regionals men and ultimate victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Money Grubber

Well, its already started. I walked into my room to find that has already claimed our spare cash, my car keys, my wallet and my cell phone.
I knew that having kids would mean money and cars, but this is a little premature don't you think?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

CanyonRidge Blog

Hey everyone, i FINALLY finished my canyonridge blog, so go check it out!!