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Monday, August 22, 2011

dirty daaaaaaaaash

I finally got the pics from the dirty dash and i wanted to share them with all!! even though im really dirty! Kris and i had a ton of fun. we want to make it a family tradition and involve the kids in a few years. We loved it!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Great Summer

Well its been a fun summer. Despite kris's crazy schedule, im grateful we have done lots of fun things. Im mainly grateful to have had a fun, pregnant free summer! Even though i still would have loved to do more, we got in a lot and i dont want to forget that. So here's to the museums, zoos, snowbird, vegas. . .

Bird watching (or tiger watching)
Snuggling time

Horse back riding

Brad Paisley back stage passes!
Fresh kleinman corn on the cob
Falling asleep with a handful of licorice
best lawn mower helper EVER!
AERIAL fireworks!!!! YA!!!!
Lots and Lots of outside time
Chillin on the cool lawn
Time with mom
Summer evenings .. awh, shade finally
Hogging all the easter candy
LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of sprinklers (R.I.P good old slip n slide, you served us well)
And finally, totally awesome little boys that are SO much fun and make mom do lots of crazy summer fun things :)