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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Summer of Awesomeness!!

So - its true that im a terrible blogger on a consistant basis, but at least i can get some posts in every few months. So, here is my tri monthly post of our awesome activities this summer and aaden adventures.

So these ones were aaden and his cousin jade. They play a lot really well together and always have tons o' fun! including. . . .
Milk and Sesame Street
Wrapped in towels after a warm bath
Baths are awesome!
Jade was forced to share space, but handled it well
looking for bugs in the garden is never a dull activity.
This is a family day at the pool. Unfortunately aaden didnt last long cause he was freeeeeezing even though the water was 82 degrees. He still had a lot of fun splashing around though. We had to make him leave once his lips turned blue :)

Aaden has had some new ideas this summer that he has been pretty fond of. Including
Helping mom with the dishes
Note his blankie in there too . . .ha ha
Aaden loves animals. I guess its just that age where he learning to say them all and point them out everywhere we go. Hes really good at moooing. I think i might record it and try and win something on KBULL. But we took him to the animal farm and he got to feed lots of animals and see alot, but by far his favorite part were the horses and riding them. We had to do it like three times.

Aaden also loves fish, so we got a pass to the aquarium this year and he loves going. This was in front of the shark tank, but i dont think you can tell. Also, please do not note my prego-ness in the picture, which is not nearly as cute and the little beast im holding.
Aaden has found a 5 gallon bucket to make his best friend this year. He sits in it, and falls out of it a lot! note the blankie again . . ha ha. He takes it everywhere and every single night its a fight when i dont let him take it in the bath tub.
Aaden enjoying some yummy summer watermellon grown right out of kleinman kave gardens.
i still cant believe kris produced anything this yummy looking. We also got corn, potatoes, carrots and pumpkins from the garden this year.
and these few are of kristopher's new caving hobby. He found out this summer that you can cave down dark, dangerous and really deep holes while being attacked by bats in the middle of the night and its really fun!

It was a fun summer and aaden is getting pretty funny with new things. the baby is completely taking over my body, but im still unsure if i really want it to come out. However in about 6 weeks i wont have a choice. Kris is doing good in school and lovin work! And thats about all, till 3 months from now!
Except for our awesome halloween pics, which will be posted asap cause its going to be awesome!!