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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another picture of Willow . . but not a dot!

so, heres the ultrasound of the little . . .BOY!!! Its a boy! We are so excited!!!!! I think i was especially relieved! I had a few nightmares it was a girl. Im just so scared that i wont know how to handle "girl drama" that i was SO relieved to have another boy. Plus, i wanted a friend for aaden.
However, we are in SERIOUS need of some name suggestions. It took us 9 months and 3 days last time to pick one and they were kicking us out of the hospital while i was filling out the birth certificate. I kinda want it to be a little more chill this time. At least if we an pick a day before he is born that would be super. So, please, please, please drop your suggestions, and - no- its not going to be willow!

SuN fUn!!!

Kris made this sprinkler thing for the garden which is just PVC tubing with holes in it, but aaden has been Lovin it this year!! He plays in it everyday, although yesterday he added some dog poo to the mix of his playing instruments. It was a water, poo explosion! I didnt get any poo pics, although i should have, i was just more concerned with immediate action at the bath!