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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Best 6 Years

So Kris and i just had our 6 year anniversary and he is AMAZING! He is the best husband and father any crazy and unworthy gal could ask for. Here is a reminder to him of how awesome it is to be a part of the KKave due to all his efforts to make it, what it is. . . perfect.
PS - viewer discression is advised - however if your in Kris's family or went to high school with kris or have ever even met kris on the street, chances are you have seen all of the following material.

Just us . . and the grand slam breakfast replay

A little peak and pre-aaden that has been kept secret to hide its provacative nature, but a reminder kristopher of how fat i once was and how beautiful i am now, right? RIGHT?!

He still loves holding your hand -more than any other hand and snuggling right into dad.
The day aaden was born. Perfect and surreal. The first flood of emotion that you knew was possible, but just had to experience.

CRAZy EyES!!! My fav pic of aaden ever! and of course fuzzy, but it still makes me smile :)

Does this hat bring out my natural glow?

OMGosh!? Really? you want me to hug that thing?

YES!!!!! 4Wheeling with no pants on and a helmet that could paralyse my child forever and yet, there is NOTHING that comes close to better for a saturday morning.


I guess its as close to a motorcycle as we ever came. But close enough.
Nothing to say here - just awesome, dad and very fun day for aaden.

Offroading! Im not too big! Really, we both fit . . .with a little effort. MAybe thats why reverse doesnt work anymore. . . oops

How is it possible to have two perfect days, two perfect boys and too perfect . . .everything

The Beanster, Beantown, Boston Bean, Beans

Thanks for SOOOOO much dad . . You are - AWESOME!!!!!

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Rhiannon said...

Congrats you love birds! I don't think I have ever read "prefect" so many times in one post. That is... perfect.