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Friday, June 24, 2011


So I have recently taken all the VHS tapes from our family video recordings in our lovely youth and transfered them to DVD, which has been awesome! Its been a lot of fun and now we will be having a family videos party on sunday - But for my family, as a little sneak preview, i would like to post this exclusive peak into what you all have to look forward to on sunday. Its going tobe beautiful!!! PS- not the extra hipl thrust at the end . . .just for extra practice :) LOVE YOU AIMEE!!!!

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Mom said...

It was so obvious you put a lot of time into transferring dad's VHS Tapes to DVD'S......I saw everyone really enjoying (some wouldn't maybe admit it) themselves reliving certain 'not quite forgotten' moments from the past! What fun we had talking, laughing and reminishing about the past....due to your video's, Marni. THANK YOU MARNI, dear daughter....for putting our family first and investing so much time, effort and money into this project. I'm sure, when it started, you didn't realize what a mammoth job this would, in fact, become! I'm sure dad is smiling down on you for completing a project that he had fully intended to do! With Love, Mom